Mechanical Repairs

We are particularly proud of our ability to manage a large quantity of car repairs and still maintain a professional work ethic. Our positive approach to each and every job, no matter the size, is very different to other companies. All services are tailored to the individual customer and vary based on vehicle, hence our prices for car repairs are priced individually so you can rest assured that you will always receive an excellent service at a great price.

Do you know that:

Dual mass flywheels

This is a modern flywheel designed to dampen out engine vibration and noise being transmitted to the gearbox and ultimately the car. The unit is split into two sections: a primary section that bolts to the crankshaft, and a secondary section, onto which the clutch is bolted. Between the two there is a flexible bonding, generally rubber. Sometimes that flexible bonding can deteriorate causing clutch or vibration problems. Unfortunately if they do start to fail they can be expensive as generally they are only available from the main dealer. However some manufacturers have started to develop solid flywheel replacements which can be a cost effective alterative. If it is available on your model we will give you the options and then you can decide.

Cam Belt

The cam belt plays a vital role in keeping your engine running yet this is usually the least maintained component of all. IF IT SNAPS IT WILL DESTROY YOUR ENGINE! If you have not had your belt replaced and your engine has covered over 40,000 miles you need to find out when it is due. If you would like to know at what mileage the manufacturer recommends your belt should be changed together with the cost then give us a call - It could save your engine! When we quote to replace a cam belt we always include the price of a cam belt kit. These relatively inexpensive kits include guide and/or tensioner pulleys which if not replaced can cause premature cam belt failure

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